The Performance Program for Performance Coaches

Applied Performance Coach
Level 1 Certification and Mentorship

The performance program for performance coaches. A 12 week certification course and mentorship program that focuses on 3 pillars of growth -
content expertise, coaching practices, and career development.

Created by Dr. Ramsey Nijem, this course is the culmination of a decade of coaching and learning at every level of performance. From becoming the youngest head strength and conditioning coach in NBA history at age 25, to earning a Doctorate Degree in Human and Sport Performance at age 27,  Dr. Nijem has the experience and academic training to translate applied performance science into practice. 

If you are a passionate coach who is committed to growth in all aspects of applied performance, you are excited to engage with a community of peers and expand your network, and you desire advancement as a professional, then this is the continuing education opportunity you've been waiting for.

The Applied Performance Coach Level 1 Certification and Mentorship was designed to challenge and support your growth as a
scholar, coach, and professional. If you comitt 3 months to your growth, this course is everything you need to take the next steps as a professional. 


What Other Coaches Are Saying...

Evan VanBecelaere

Director of Men's Basketball Strength and Conditioning, University of Oregon

"Ramsey has a way of creating an environment that pushes you to want to learn and grow. He holds himself to a high standard of growth and development which in turn drives you to want to do the same. While working with Ramsey, I grew in my confidence and understanding of strength and conditioning because of the emphasis that was placed on continued education within our staff."

Ernie DeLosAngeles

Head Performance Coach, NBA G League Professional Path Team

"My time working with Ramsey helped me grow exponentially as a professional. Ramsey always sought out educational opportunities for our staff and we discussed health and performance topics daily. We not only dove into research to stay up to date on the best  practices, but we also learned from some of the best coaches, therapists and trainers in the field. Ramsey continuously pushed us as a staff to pursue greatness both professionally and personally, for that I am forever grateful."

Josh Washington

Private Sector Sports Performance Coach, Formerly UMASS & Auburn Men's Basketball 

“To work with Ramsey is a unique opportunity unlike any other. A challenging but enjoyable environment, it's a great position to grow both personally and professionally. I can confidently say I am grateful for the learning and development experiences I received during my time in working with him.”

Caleb Krueger

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of North Carolina Women's Basketball

"When Dr. Nijem approached me about wanting to create a remote internship learning experience for young S&C coaches, I couldn’t think of anyone better to help push the industry forward. His approach to his craft, his relentlessness to be better, and his passion for making a holistic impact have made me and every coach around him more effective coaches, teachers, and learners. Not many coaches in the field have the knowledge base that Ramsey has. His wisdom — paired with his passion for bettering everyone around him — makes this opportunity something I am excited to see come to fruition.”

Joseph Grinstain 

Owner & Director of Strength and Performance, Hyperthrive Athletics  

"Ramsey genuinely wants to see the people around him succeed and backs up that desire with action, graciously pouring into his colleagues and community. As a young strength coach, Ramsey provided me with opportunity and mentorship solely because he sincerely wanted to help. Any opportunity to spend time with and learn from Ramsey is highly valuable. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take part in this internship experience."

Ryan McNerlin

Performance Coach, PSP3

“Dr. Nijem is the most selfless coach I know when it comes to sharing information. His knowledge ranges from all things S&C, to leadership, and professional development. To be the best you have to learn from the best and there is a reason Ramsey has had the career success he has had thus far. Don’t miss your chance to learn from the best.”