APC Certification Testimonies

Nathan Graham

I take a lot of continuing education courses and this was by far the best course I have ever taken in my 10 year career. It has a diverse curriculum, holds you accountable, provides community and checks all the boxes continuing education can check and more. 

Yaz Flores

This was so much more than just continuing education. This course challenged me to grow not only as a coach, but as a person. Ramsey goes above and beyond in providing value for any coach that is willing to learn and put in the work.

Brian Serrano

I was extremely fortunate to come across this cohort through following Dr. Nijem on social media. I was intrigued by the concept of learning more applied skills where traditional continuing education focuses on the latest research and techniques while academic program emphasize research. Dr. Nijem OVERDELIVERS on this course because he is able to make you an entirely upgraded coach in 16 weeks through the tenets of applying research, leadership, and other skills into the sport of basketball. I have the privilege of speaking after obtaining a Ph.D., this cohort bridged the gap between academia, the classroom, and weight room in ways I never received before. To say I highly recommend this cohort to every performance coach would be an understatement. To anyone who is hungry to keep growing and evaluating their skills to better serve athletes, this cohort is for you.

Harman Sidhu

The Applied Performance Coach (APC) course has helped bridge the gap between the books and the practical setting of strength and conditioning in so many ways. The APC course curriculum will give you a well-rounded education of the industry – the breadth of topics covered and the depth within each topic was more than I could have asked for. On top of all of that, you get to learn and listen to one the best to do it. Coach Ramsey truly embodies professionalism and servant leadership as a coach and a teacher, and he will empower you to apply your ability to use research to guide decision making. Throughout the course, he is very accessible and prides himself on ensuring everyone gets the value they deserve. Lastly, through the APC course you will meet like-minded coaches that want to grow and learn as a community. If you want exponential growth, then APC is the course for you!

Daniel Gracia

The Applied Performance Coach Certification holds true to it's name. Ramsey found a way to bridge the gap between scientific literature and the practical applications behind the concepts. This certification is world class. I most definitely recommend this course to any S&C coach looking to improve or fine tune their knowledge on all aspects related to athletic performance and seek career development. 

John Abbatoy

The APC course was nothing short of excellent. It exceeded all of my expectations and was the best continued-ed course that I have taken at this point in my career. Dr. Ramsey's personality shined through as he led the cohort through weekly ZOOM conversations that discussed the previous week's research articles, etc. He created an inclusive environment that drove many of us into small group ZOOMS throughout the week. The relationships that I have established are here to stay and that alone was worth the price of admission. 100% Recommend for coaches young and old.

Justin McKenna

If you are serious about taking your craft to the next level, this course is for you. Ramsey did a great job pushing us as we took a deep dive into a new topic every week while discussing our questions and takeaways during our weekly zoom call. One thing I really enjoyed about the course was how Ramsey was able to drop little gems of information that we as coaches are directly able to apply to our day-to-day training. Overall - I thought this course was well-priced, well run, and worth every penny spent. Highly recommend!

Joseph McCauley

This 16 weeks has not only allowed me to engage with other coaches and learn from them, but learn from a leading pioneer in the field of Performance. I've learned so much just as a novice and although it was a lot of work, I couldn't be happier with my decision to take this course.

Paril Bhakta

As a coach couple years out of college and struggling to find my way during a global pandemic, this course gave me the tools and ability to effectively make educated decisions as I move forward in my career! The community that was fostered during this course was unbelievable. It was entirely online but I felt like our weekly Zoom meetings and frequent Zoom calls with other coaches in APC made it 100X more valuable than any other online based education out there. This is a course that I will look back on in 10-15 years and remember for it's challenges, but also for its ever lasting impact on me and how it changed my outlook on what it means to be a true professional in the S&C field.

Angel Quintero

The APC Certification and Mentorship is one of a kind. Regardless of your experience in the field, the APC is a great opportunity to learn alongside a cohort of international coaches. Dr Ramsey Nijem is a great leader who pours his energy and efforts in helping other people grow.

Justin Rey

If you aspire to be a great strength & conditioning professional this is a course for you. You will be challenged, accountable, build relationships, learn time management, and develop all aspects of being the best professional one can be, from developing a professional portfolio to building your teams annual plan. I'm honored to be apart of the first cohort.

Jordan Tingson

I'm from a small island where I can count all the strength and conditioning professionals on island with one hand. In a time where I felt I lacked mentorship, this course came around. Fast forward to the end of the course and I landed an internship with our national soccer federation and am traveling with them to their world cup qualifier as an S&C coach. I wouldn't have felt prepared for this amazing opportunity if it wasn't for this course.

Amir Owens

Coach Nijem's Applied Performance Coach course is one of a kind. For 16 straight weeks the course delivered high level practical content, priceless networking opportunities , and unlimited accessibility to a professional of his caliber. Whether you're a young coach looking to your career started or a seasoned coach looking for continued development, it's here. The APC is very well done, and will only get better!

Roi Rotkopf

When I saw Ramsey starting a new course I knew I must be a part of it. The course was the best educational experience I have ever had. Any coach, from a young coach to the most experienced one, don’t miss it. Ramsey is a master in lecturing and making you be the best person and coach you can be. I’m honored to be a part of the APC community.

Nikola Marojevic

This course is way more than just a certification. It is a community builder and a very humbling experience to be able to learn from one of the best in the field who will show you the way to be the best version of yourself as a coach and a person. The content of the course is beyond expected and it set me up to further work on my craft in the future. It provided me with a lot of information and guidance that I can use and keep building on. It definitely sets you up for success and will get the best out of you as it is a lot of work which should be expected. The lecture during zoom meetings are very informational and fun to be a part of. One way you know Ramsey is fully invested into this course is the length of zoom calls as he would stay on for as long as we had questions for him and could easily cut it off early. Its always a great atmosphere during the calls that makes the time fly while you're learning and getting better.

Jimmy Nguyen

The Applied Performance Coach Certification and Mentorship course definitely helped with my career development as a coach. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone by reaching out to people allowing more opportunities to be involved with the strength & conditioning field. It provided a space where cohorts are able to build connections as a community. Dr. Ramsey Nijem dedicates his time towards helping young to experienced coaches to learn from relevant scientific research and apply it in their respective practical settings. His shared experiences provided a lot of guidance towards developing my career, coaching values, philosophy, and methods. This course provided invaluable information with experiences that helped improve my life, coaching, and performance. At first I was hesitant when enrolling but glad I had the opportunity to be part an amazing experience. Loved every moment of the course.

Vincent Naidoo

I applied for the first APC cohort and expected to learn a few things about sports performance but what I received was far more valuable. Dr. Ramsey Nijem has put together a course that will continue and elevate your education while also providing you with a network of coaches that no other course that I have been a part of can offer. I highly recommend any coach, no matter the experience, to enroll for the Applied Performance Coach certification.

Jonathan Watts

As a current exercise and health science major who wants to become a collegiate/professional strength and conditioning coach, the APC course with Dr. Ramsey Nijem is a must. As an undergrad, the college education system is more geared toward the medical and clinical side of things, lacking courses and information in the sports performance realm. Coach Ramsey's program not only covers information from all realms of athletic performance, but how to apply that knowledge as a coach to help you maximize your athletes potential. While the course taught me valuable and applicable knowledge, it allowed me to connect and learn from amazing coaches all across the world that have helped me grow individually. Lastly, the course is more than just a class, its a family and Ramsey puts the time and effort in to help you grow as a coach, but more importantly as an individual.

Basi Prokofyev

Ramsey's APC course is second to none! Very intense and made me re-think my approach to training from planning to building relationships with athletes and colleagues. I would definitely recommend it to someone who wants to grow as a coach and step outside of their comfort zone.

Jon Tabangcura

Having 8 years of coaching experience taking a wide variety of continuing education courses, this has been the greatest course I have taken thus far. Ramsey does an exceptional job giving crucial information in this course in which any coach in the business should learn and understand. The concepts in this course gave me a deeper understanding through the research that has been done along with the experience of which it has been applied. Even though research comes with a certain amount of bias, Ramsey does a phenomenal job bringing that into awareness which allows for us coaches to form our own opinion with that knowledge which we can apply in our own respective setting. Aside from learning the technical aspects and what it takes to be an Applied Performance Coach, Ramsey gives tremendous value every single week with a wide variety of topics ranging from discussing goal setting, understanding the importance of interview skills, to bringing on special guests (well known and respected coaches across the industry) on the weekly Zoom calls to listen to their experience and give us invaluable knowledge. I had the pleasure of meeting some great coaches on the calls throughout the 16 weeks allowing me to learn from more than the materials given from the course. Ramsey is changing the game for continuing education in a positive direction, so I recommend any coach looking to get better in their craft to take this course.

Jeffrey Romero

Dr. Ramsey Nijem is one of the leaders in the S&C industry and to be able to learn from him is an opportunity everyone should take. The amount of knowledge he has for S&C, research, and leadership has helped me improve as a strength and conditioning coach. His drive and passion to help improve the lives of others is extremely valuable and he will challenge you to be the best version of yourself. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from Ramsey, I would highly recommend and encourage it.

Nathaniel Lubrin

If you're interested in the field of performance, The Applied Performance Coach Certification & Mentorship is more than worth your time. I learned more about coaching applications in this course than I have in any other certification. This course will set me up for success as a coach and provided me with more education than expected.

Ben Adena

I loved everything about this course as it covers everything from strength training to building relationships with your athletes and connecting with other coaches. Things that go beyond the weight room. Ramsey went above and beyond to make sure everyone was taken care of. Years down the road, I will look back and say this is one of the courses that gave me the tools to become a successful strength coach.

Daveena Banda

If you're looking to upgrade your coaching career, this course is it! Definitely got my money's worth AND WAY MORE. 10/10 would recommend.

Jordan Forget

With a seemingly endless list of courses, certifications, mentorships, and resources available to today's coaches, it can be quite difficult to not only rationalize one over another but to be willing to spend the money necessary to obtain access. The APC program is one that through all of my searching and learning, has far surpassed any expectations I could have for a program of this caliber. In just 16 weeks, Dr. Ramsey Nijem provides coaches with the resources necessary to build an evidence-based foundational wealth of knowledge, one that is necessary to excel in the modern field of strength & conditioning. The opportunity to learn from one of the best in the game and work collectively with such a large group of diverse coaches, creates a truly unique experience. I can confidently say that not only is the APC program worth the money, but it is by far one of the best learning experiences I've had in my career. Dr. Ramsey Nijem truly cares about the betterment of the field and that is made crystal clear by his willingness to be available and help coaches during the course and beyond. Along with the knowledge and resources obtained throughout this course, I'm leaving with a list of relationships that were built during my time in this mentorship.

Travis Dorsey

Ramsey has created a course and platform where coaches of all levels can come and learn valuable information. He has put a ton of time and effort in creating a quality course and it shows! Not only are you getting quality content, you also make connections with coaches from all over the world. Thanks Ramsey!

Mike Jeffery

I have said several times over the course of the program that this was the best investment I have ever made as far as becoming a better professional. Ramsey has done an amazing job of creating an environment that invites growth, connection, and learning, mainly through the example that he sets. There are not many experiences that allow coaches to bridge the gap between learning and application in their craft, and I can say with gratitude that I am both a better person and a better professional after being a part of this community.

Alex Cost

Being a young and hungry strength coach in the industry I don’t think there is any better investment you could make in yourself than taking this APC course. The content is practical and the course as a whole allows you to really apply the information you learn into your direct practice. The community fostered and friends made is what separates this course form any other continuing education opportunity I have been a part of. Ramsey’s accessibility and dedication to this course push you to strive and learn as much as you can.

Bobby Moore

When it's all said and done, Applied Performance Coach will be the one of the most influential courses I've committed to in my professional career. Dr. Ramsey has elegantly composed his professional experience and Doctorate into 16 weeks, including a community format that promotes accountability, collaboration, and professional development for coaches of all levels. The value and experience here is truly top-notch.